Just waiting for the exam results now..

Hello Alex

Hoping that you’re well. You were on my mind recently when I learned that you likely had moved schools again. It won’t be many years until GCSE time now. One of my step-daughters gets her GCSE results next week – and the older one gets her AS level results this week, so we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Charlie stood up on his own for the first day today and shocked everyone. He looked really happy with himself. It only lasted about five seconds though.    We got a train table just the same as the one that you used to have when you were small – found it on ebay – it’s the perfect height for someone to play at and pile blocks on. I just wish that I had kept all of your old wooden train set when it got left behind.

Well. As usual, I’ll say that I was thinking about you and hoping that you’re ok there and I hope that I’ll get to see you soon.



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