An update on charlie

Hi Alex

Hope you’re ok there – it’s a lovely sunny day here and soon we are going out – we need to go and do some digging and think about planting some vegetables and potatoes this year.  We didn’t plant many last year because we had a really hot summer and even the apples didn’t grow very well, so we are hoping that this year things will be better.  We will have to see how Charlie gets on with us all digging and the noise of the week whacker.

Well Charlie your half-brother is getting bigger and talking more.

I have posted a couple more pictures here so that you can see how he is getting on.  Hope that you’re OK there.  Hard to believe that you’ll likely be doing your GCSE in a few years.  Our youngest is doing her GCSE this year and her sister did them last year and is now doing ‘A’ level.  Luckily I can help them out with questions on subjects because of course I did ‘A levels’ and went to university.  I would be able to help you out if we were in touch – but – that’s the way it looks to be right now.

If you want to get in touch, use the form:  Contact

Take care


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